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 • Paradise retreat at Hana Gardenland in Hana Maui

Hana Gardenland. 3.5 miles from Hana Town, is a lush paradise retreat blessed by rainfall, sunshine and cool breezes with over 5 acres of meandering pathways through palm trees, tropical gardens, flowers and jungle.
Healing Waters of Hana. Let the pure waters, warm sunshine, moist air and lush green landscape of Hana rejuvenate your spirit. Isolated from the rest of the island, the Hana Coast is the last undeveloped tropical paradise on Maui.
Hana Palms Botanical Garden Ecotour. Visitors can enjoy a self-guided educational tour along grassy pathways winding through the gardens. Signs identify over 150 specimens of palm trees, exotic plants and fruit trees. Touring the gardens is by appointment and the visitor fee is $5 per person per visit.
Agricultural Eco-Tourism at Hana Gardenland Botanical Gardens

3:27 minute video touring the botanical gardens and agricultural tourism.

Agricultural Tourism. Through Gardenland's Ag-tourism, visitors learn about the remarkable agricultural biodiversity and activities of the Hana Coast bioregion. For local activities, see the Hana Coast Agricultural Tourism and Eco-Recreation Guide.
Hana Gardenland
The Great Lawn ringed by palm trees, fruit trees and flowering plants.
Gardenland was originally established in 1974 as a nursery and botanical garden with 100 kinds of palm trees. With annual rainfall of 100" and perfect sunshine for optimum growing, thousands of rare and unusual plants from around the world flourish here.

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